Jeep Door Cart with Axle Kit & Tires


Make it EASY to store and move your Jeep doors with RackAbilities patented  Jeep door cart kit.  No more hassle when you take your doors off.  E-Z storage with our aluminum cart.  Not made of plastic that degrades, or steel that rusts.  This is built to last!  Order now.

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Jeep Door Cart with Axle Kit and Pneumatic Tires

1 ea RackAbilities Go With Outdoors Cart Horizontal Frame Member
2 RackAbilities Axle Frames
1 Axle Kit with 2 ea 10″ pneumatic tires
4 ea Rubber Bumpers
5 ea Bolts
5 ea Wing nuts
2 ea Platforms with door stops
1 ea RackAbilities Jeep Door Cart Vertical Frame Member
4 ea Hinge Pin receivers

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Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 56 × 23 × 10 in
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